Sassa Status Check Appeal

In the landscape of South African social security, the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) stands as a beacon of hope for those grappling with poverty and unemployment. However, the path to securing this financial lifeline is not devoid of hurdles, with application rejections posing significant challenges. This article delves into understanding the SASSA appeal process, providing a detailed guide on how to navigate these waters effectively, ensuring that rightful beneficiaries gain access to the support they need.

To check the status of your SASSA appeal you have to follow the given procedure.

  • Go to the official SASSA website using your web browser. The website address is
  • Write your ID and Phone number in the required boxes.
  • Now click on the “Send Pin” option and follow the directions.

Step-by-Step Guide to Initiating a SASSA SRD Grant Appeal

  • Click on the message “click here to lodge and appeal or check appeal status” to access the appeals portal.
  • Enter your ID and the cellphone number used for the grant application.
  • Click “send pin” and await the verification pin via SMS. Enter the pin and press “submit” to confirm your identity.
  • If you’ve changed or lost your cellphone, update your details on the “” website (starting July 1st).
  • Input the verification pin received and press “submit.”
  • Choose the month you’re appealing for; if it’s one month only, it will be pre-selected, and the reason for decline will be displayed.
  • Select the reason for your appeal from the dropdown menu.
  • Press “submit” to complete the appeal process.

How much time does it take for a SASSA appeal?

Were you aware that the COVID-19 SRD Grant appeals must be submitted within 90 days? This indicates that individuals have a window of 90 days to initiate their appeals.

SASSA SRD Status Check 2024

You can find out your Sassa status as well as SRD reconsideration pending status online through this website.

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) provides grants and assistance to eligible South Africans. It’s crucial to stay informed about your SASSA Status Check when you’re applying for child support grants, disability grants, or old-age grants. Regularly sassa status checking will ensure you receive timely updates, confirm your eligibility, and access the benefits and support you need.

Check Status Via SASSA Official Website

If you have applied for SASSA grant want to check your status, follow the instructions mentioned below

  • First of all you have to visit the official website of SASSA (South African Social Security Agency). The URL of the website is
  • After landing on the official website of SASSA click on the button check payment status. It will navigate to the next page where you can find a form or link to check payment status
  • After that enter the required information in form which includes ID Number, grant type or may other relevant information such as registration or reference number. After entered the required information click on the submit button
  • After submission of information you can see the results of your SASSA grant like it shows you the last payment date, the next payment date and other related information to your status.
  • It will displays you the date of grant and month of the grant with App ID.

Meanings of SASSA Grant Results

Check out the sassa stats below table if you are unfamiliar with Sassa status meanings.

  • Pending Status

SASSA Status pending result indicates that your application is in progress or is being verified.

  • Sassa Status Declined

There are certain reasons why your Sassa application has been declined.

  • Identity Verification Failed

Having this status means that the DHA (Department of Home Affairs) database did not match your identity information.

  • Bank Details Pending

As you can see, your grant application has been approved, but you need to submit your banking information in order to receive your funds.

Status Cancelled

Your application for Sassa has been canceled. Now is the time to appeal for reinstatement if your payment needs to be reinstated.

Methods to Check SASSA Status

There are number of methods in order to check SASSA payment status. Here below you can find the complete and details information regarding the methods to Check Payment Status.

If you have applied for SASSA grant and did not receive any grant yet then you should check your status which includes payments dates. There are four following methods to check your SASSA status

  • Vis USSD Code
  • Via Bank
  • Via Direct Helpline
  • Thought Bank
  • Through Moya App
  • Via Whatsapp

Check Status Via USSD Code

  • SASSA has set a USSD in case of any query or problem. If you want to check your payment status through code
  • Just dial 1347737# on your Mobile Phone
  • After that enter the required information to proceed like ID Number or grant type or registration reference number or other relevant information
  • After submitting the information you will receive the results of your SASSA status.

Check Status Via Bank

  • If your SASSA grant is paid through the bank account then you can check or enquire through bank about your payment status by providing some required information like ID Number, grant type and registration number.

Check Status Via Direct Helpline

  • SASSA has set their direct helpline number in case of any query you can contact SASSA directly via direct helpline toll-free number which are available 24/7 to assist you
  • SASSA Helpline: 0800 60 10 11
  • You can also visit the nearest SASSA offices for further assistance.

SRD Sassa Status Check on Moya App

moya app sassa status check

Want to know if the moya app sassa status check? The applicant may also check the status of their Social Relief of Distress grant online. Moya App is one of the smartphone apps that they can use.

  1. On your smartphone, download the Moya App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Tap “Discovery” in the Moya app.
  3. Open the link “Application Status”.
  4. Your Sassa ID number and phone number must be entered here.
  5. Your Sassa status will now be available on the new page.

SASSA Status Check Via WhatsApp

Your WhatsApp account can be used to check your SRD grant as a second method. Using this method is also very simple.

You need to follow these steps:

  1. Please type “082 046 8553” and save it as “SASSA status check”.
  2. Open your WhatsApp account now.
  3. Creating a new conversation is as easy as creating a new chat option.
  4. Start a chat with “SASSA status check”.
  5. You can now type in your first and last name, as well as your South African ID number, and send the message.
  6. The social grant status will now be available to you.

SASSA Status Check For R350 Payment Dates For 2024

The following are the Sassa R350 grant payment dates and when you will receive your payment if you are an applicant.

Grant Month 2024Older Person GrantDisability GrantChildrens Grant
January – 202403-01-202404-01-202405-01-2024

It has already been said that no specific date has been set for payments by the South African government.

Beneficiaries of grant payments will, however, receive their payments for the month they qualify for. You can check SASSA status on this website.

It is now clear that grant beneficiaries cannot collect their SASSA grants on a specific payday or pay date.

In any case, you can check the status of your grant on this website if you are qualified to receive this financial aid.

Sassa Grant Types

The South African Social Security Agency is known as SASSA. People suffering from poverty are being offered social grants. In addition to providing food, clothing, and shelter, they also provide basic needs. Grants from Sassa can be divided into the following types:

  1. Social Relief of Distress SRD R350 Grant
  2. Care Dependency
  3. Foster Child
  4. Child Support Grant
  5. War Veterans Grant
  6. Disability Grant
  7. Older person’s Grant
  8. Grant-in-Aid

How to Withdraw Your Sassa Grant Money Monthly?

You can withdraw fee-free cash from ATMs with your SASSA card and PIN if you have one. Also, you can earn cash back at Shoprite, Boxer, and Pick n Pay stores when you swipe your SASSA card.

For a monthly deposit into your bank account, visit your local SASSA office. Please complete SASSA’s account payment form with your details so that funds can be routed to the account of your choice in the future. ATMs can then be used to withdraw cash.

By presenting ID at designated pay points, you can withdraw cash without a SASSA card. A limited amount of cash can also be withdrawn at SASSA offices during office hours, up to R500 per day. You can request urgent payments from SASSA offices when needed for emergency access between payouts.

Make sure the security of your withdrawal is a priority. Make sure you conceal cash carefully, keep your PIN confidential, avoid isolated ATMs at night, and contact SASSA immediately if you lose your card. A secure grant collection can be achieved by exercising caution. Any concerns you may have can be addressed by SASSA.

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How to Change Your SASSA SRD R350 Grant Banking Details?

The following steps will help you update your banking information if you are a SASSA SRD R350 Grant recipient:

  1. Please provide your ID Number: Please enter your ID Number in the designated space below to initiate the change. In order to validate your identity, we will need to know the following information.
  2. SMS Secure Link: We will send you an SMS containing a unique and secure link after you submit your ID Number. Your mobile number used during the grant application will receive this link that is tailored exclusively for you.
  3. Follow Instructions: Follow the instructions provided in the SMS by clicking on the link. Your banking information will be updated accurately and smoothly as a result.

How to Reinstate My Canceled Application?

Click the button below to initiate the reinstatement process if you previously canceled your COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant application. The reinstatement of your canceled application should be as simple as possible. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to do so.

SASSA Contact Details

Contact Information and Queries

If you have any further questions, please contact SASSA directly:
Call the SASSA Toll-Free Call Center at 0800 60 10 11.
Call SASSA’s Head Office at 012 400 2322 Status Check Online – SRD Status Check Online Video Guide


How to check Sassa R350 payment status?

On the official Sassa website, you can check Sassa SRD status using your ID number and phone number.

What is the status check for R350?

Unemployed people in South Africa receive financial assistance through the Sassa Grant. The Sassa status check for R350 allows applicants to check the status of their grants online.

How to check status of the R350 grant application status?

SRD grants can be checked in three ways. Toll-free numbers, an online website, and WhatsApp are all available.

How to apply for SASSA grant?

It is imperative that you pass Sassa’s mean test. Go to the “Sassa’s status check” section of the official Sassa website after that. Check the balance and status here.

How to check SASSA Status on Govchat?

Visit the GovChat website or application, enter your ID number and phone number, and check your status.

What is Sassa means test?

In order to verify a grant applicant’s eligibility for Sassa grants, a Means test is used.

What is R350 Social Relief grant?

Many people went bankrupt and lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.
In order to assist needy and jobless people, the South African government decided to provide an allowance. In other words, this is a grant for unemployed people.

How to check Sassa grant reconsideration status?

Are you wondering for sassa status check appeal? You can check your Sassa reconsideration status by visiting the website. Enter your Sassa account details at to check the status of your appeal.

How to trace a SASSA status check?

In order to perform the SASSA status check online, you must enter your phone number and provide an OTP.

What is the payment date for the SASSA grant?

A payment date will be sent to you via SMS when your application is approved.

Can I check the SASSA R350 payment date status?

Is it possible to check the SASSA R350 grant payment status? Yes, you can do so. You will need to log into your Sassa account through the Sassa website.

How to check the Sassa status of my R350 application 2024?

There is a very straightforward answer to this question. Open the website by visiting Enter your ID number and phone number in the Sassa status check. The Sassa payment status can be checked using this method, which is easy to use.

What is the process of SASSA verification?

As part of the Sassa grant application process, Sassa verifies whether an applicant qualifies for one. Sassa officials are therefore required to take this step.

When will my SASSA Status be approved?

The Sassa application status approval process takes 90 days. The Sassa status check website is the best place to check for updates.

Why I can’t check the status of my SASSA grant application?

Having trouble checking the status of your Sassa grant application indicates that there is a problem with it. It would be best if you contacted Sassa directly and asked them for assistance.

SASSA payment dates for 2024?

Here is the Sassa payment schedule, which you can check on our website. A schedule has already been added for the pay date in 2024.

Why did SASSA’s status check fail?

Reconsideration appeals are needed when the Sassa status check fails. Alternatively, you can call 0800601011 toll-free for Sassa. You can also talk about your Sassa status checks at any particular post office location.

How do I know my pay date for the Sassa grant?

Every month, Sassa receives its social relief grant. It is not possible to count a specific day as a pay date. Sassa will confirm your bank details via SMS and you will receive your payment if they are correct.

What is the purpose of SASSA reconsideration portal?

Sassa appeals can be submitted via the Sassa consideration portal.

How to get Sassa status pin?

Sassa status pin can be obtained by entering your phone number and clicking get the pin. Your PIN or OTP will be sent to you via SMS.

How to update my bank details on SASSA status?

Changing your baking details on your application requires a visit to the Sassa head office. You can also call the helpline.

Eligible Criteria for Sassa grants?

Sassa SRD grants are available for COVID-19 if your income status is below average. Your monthly payment will be sent to your cell phone number and ID number if you provide them.

How to use the Sassa online portal service?

SASSA status check page SRD r350 grant applications can be submitted through the SASSA website or online portal. You must enter your ID number and phone number on the portal to use this service.

Has Sassa status been approved? How do I get paid?

You will receive your grant payment very soon if your Sassa status is approved. In order to receive your grant payment, you need to provide your bank details.

What are the Sassa payment dates?

There is no exact date for Sassa payments. Every month, payday is not the same.

Where to check the status of the Sassa SRD R350 grant application?

Visiting the SASSA’s grant status website will allow you to check the status of your Sassa SRD R350 grant application. Go to the check status page to check your status. Once you’ve entered your ID number and cell number, you’ll be prompted to enter your cell number.

How to deal with SASSA pending status?

It may take some time for your status to become pending. It will be a few days before your Sassa’s status is updated due to the millions of applications Sassa is handling.

Why I can’t check Sassa online application status?

The Sassa official should be contacted immediately if your application status is unavailable. In addition, you can file a complaint at Sassa’s offices.

How does Sassa’s status check show “Reapplication Pending”?

For reapplication, you have to wait 90 days, which is approximately two to three months. During this time, your Sassa’s reapplication status will remain pending.

Why does Sassa’s status say “Bank details pending”?

When you have pending bank details, it means you have not yet added your bank account details.


Have you received your SASSA SRD status check? Our team is happy to assist you today if that is the case. We have made every effort to help you check and verify the status of your R350 grant application.

Whether you’re checking the status of your grant or applying for a payment, we’ve got everything you need. Your grant money will be sent to you soon, so you can rest assured.