(Solved) SASSA Status Pending in 2024

SASSA Status Pending

There is a pending SASSA R350 application for Taylor. In order to determine the status of his application, he conducted a Sassa status check.

He wasn’t sure how to handle his Sassa SRD status of ‘reapplication pending’. In the absence of a response to his application, he was unsure what else to do.

After learning more about Sassa’s helpline, Taylor decided to contact them. As soon as Sassa heard about his situation, he was informed that he needed to provide some additional documentation.

In order to submit his documents, he can either fax them or email them. After his application was clarified, Taylor was relieved.

A copy of the documents was emailed to him as soon as they were received. The grant money would be sent to him once he received confirmation that his application had been approved.

If you were Taylor or someone similar to you, how would you handle this situation?

What Does ‚ÄúSASSA Status Pending‚ÄĚ Mean?

SASSA Status Pending

What Is SASSA Pending Status? SASSA confirms your eligibility for a grant through a verification process. We will send you a status update to let you know how your application is progressing. SASSA pending status indicates your application has not yet been approved or declined.

What Causes ‚ÄúSASSA Status Pending‚ÄĚ?

There are a number of reasons why SASSA statuses are pending. It is common for applications to be rejected because of missing information. Documents that are incomplete, signatures that are missing, or other factors may lead to errors.

Often, a pending status indicates that your application is still being reviewed. The South African Revenue Service or Department of Home Affairs may be requested to verify your information by SASSA. 

Also, many applications may be pending before yours, so your status may be pending as well. You can also check Sassa status here.

SASSA Status Pending Transactions

SASSA Status Pending Transactions: Subsidies and grants were distributed across South Africa. The South African Social Security Agency provides social security services to the needy. Thousands of students take classes each day in South Africa’s colleges, universities, and high schools, so these grants benefit them tremendously. It must be interesting to be in your 20s and not have any pending social security transactions.

SASSA Status Pending for September 2023

SASSA Grant applicants will receive their money in their bank accounts shortly. The SASSA Status Check for September 2023 is expected to be released by the first week of September. To find out when your payment will arrive, check your status and visit the official website before that date.

What to do if my SASSA status is pending?

SASSA Status Pending

There is no doubt that the SRD grant is crucial for many people during tough economic times for covering basic expenses. A total of R350 is paid out as part of SRD grants managed by Sassa. Unexpected circumstances sometimes prevent people from receiving their funds on time.

Follow these steps to check your Sassa R350 grant status.

Assa has responded to questions regarding Sassa ‘Reapplication Pending’ grants for SRD grant recipients.

The message ‘Reapplication Pending’ indicates that your Sassa application has not yet been received. Sassa application fees are R350. You can apply online at SRD Sassa’s website.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • Apply online at srd.sassa.gov.za 
  • Please enter your mobile number
  • From the menu, select “Send SMS”. 
  • Enter the OTP Sassa sent to your phone number to check your status
  • It is necessary to complete the steps in the application process 

To review your Sassa online application, Sassa will need to verify your identity, residence, income, and social security benefits. The provision of declarations and consents is strongly recommended.

For people who wish to avoid multiple submissions, Sassa recommends submitting one application only. Your application will be confirmed by Sassa by email as soon as it has been submitted. Your application will be processed without you having to constantly check your status.

Does SASSA still have pending transactions after the payout?

Each grant beneficiary receives a SASSA grant on a different day. SASSA payment dates can be missed for a number of reasons. You can find a list of them below.

  • If anyone didn’t receive the payments, SASSA may not have processed them. As soon as SASSA receives their payment, they will be notified.
  • SASSA transactions will not be accepted at post office branches. Payments cannot be processed at some post offices, the agency reports.
  • You may experience a delay in your transactions if you receive a Social Grant. Their cash pay points are experiencing problems beyond their control, they claim.

How Long Does SASSA Take to Process an Application?

In order for SASSA to process an application, several factors need to be taken into account. Some cases may require several months of processing. Processor time can be affected by a variety of factors, including the complexity of the application.

What Happens If Your SASSA Application Is Declined?

A written decision will be sent to you if your application is declined by SASSA. Your appeal will be explained to you along with the steps you need to take if you wish to appeal. A decision can be appealed within 90 days if you disagree with it.

Can You Speed Up the SASSA Application Process?

There is no guarantee that SASSA applications will be processed more quickly. The following steps will help you speed up the application processing. SASSA requests must be fulfilled, documentation must be accurate, and the status of the application must be monitored on a regular basis.

How do I change SASSA’s payment method?

Switching payment methods can be done using the following methods.

Switch via the SASSA SRD website

  • SASSA’s website makes it easy to get started.
  • What is the procedure for changing my banking details? To proceed, click the button.
  • Please identify yourself and provide your cell phone number.
  • You will receive the link via SMS.
  • Click on the link to follow the instructions.

Switch via the Moya app

  • The Moya app can be downloaded and registered for access.
  • Take a look at Discovery’s website.
  • Services and money can be found on the menu.
  • You can update your banking information by scrolling down to SASSA relief.
  • A valid ID number and a valid phone number must be entered. You will receive an SMS with a link from SASSA. You can change the payment method by clicking on the link.


How long does SASSA pending take?

There is no clear indication of how long it will take to complete the pending process. The process can take hours, days, or even months in this case. Several factors may have caused your application to be held. There is a high likelihood that different government agencies will verify your application.

What does a pending application mean?

There are several reasons why your application may be pending. We will hold you on hold for further validation if any errors are found in your documents. SASSA may also experience a delay as a result of the late verification process. By regularly visiting the site, you can keep an eye on the status of your application.

How long does SASSA take to approve SRD?

Approval of the SRD R350 can take some time, but the application process is simple. SASSA’s SRD program meets the basic needs of unemployed individuals. A person must be unemployed and not receive financial aid in order to be eligible for the SRD program.

Why is SASSA pending taking so long?

A “pending” application status indicates that your application has not yet been approved, according to Sassa. Sassa needs to scan and verify your details before approving you as an SRD grant beneficiary.

Why is my June 2023 R350 still pending?

SRD grant applications with SASSA pending status have been received by SASSA, but a few minor checks are still needed, such as verifying bank details.

Why is SASSA delaying my payment?

A possible mistake in your SASSA application has resulted in a delay in your payment. In addition, your application is probably being verified at the moment.

Is it possible to apply for SRD if I receive funds from other platforms?

It is a requirement that applicants must not have received any funding from any other platform in order to qualify for SRD funding. SASSA will reject your application if you are unemployed or accept financial aid from another source.


When social grant applications have a “SASSA status pending” status, it can be frustrating. Please refer to this guide if you have questions about what to do if your SASSA status check is pending. It is possible for your application process to be delayed for a variety of reasons.

Once you submit your application, SASSA verifies it. Depending on how long it takes for the verification process to be completed, it may take some time. A high number of applications sometimes causes SASSA to hold your application.

Furthermore, you may not be able to move forward with your application due to a lack of funding. It may be possible for SASSA to decline your application if it contains inaccurate information.

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 SASSA Application: https://srd.sassa.gov.za/ 

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