How To Check SASSA Balance in 3 Ways

How To Check SASSA Balance

Check SASSA Balance: SSI also provides grants to eligible individuals in addition to social security benefits. The SASSA is responsible for issuing government grants and allowances. SASSA administers R350 grants for Covid-19-affected individuals.

The agency has been providing money to people who meet their own qualifications since 1998. Food, clothing, and other necessities can also be purchased with these funds.

There are several methods available for obtaining SASSA funds. Beneficiaries may obtain grants via Cash Send, SASSA cards, a bank account, or the post office. You will receive assistance with your basic needs as a SASSA grant recipient.

With a cash grant, you need to purchase groceries, fuel, and other everyday necessities. In order to receive money in your bank account, you must submit an application form and documentation covering the details of your grant application.

Check SASSA Grant Balance in 3 easy ways

How To Check SASSA Balance

Upon approval and payment of your SASSA grant application (after you have checked your SASSA status), you can receive the grant money in your preferred payment method (personal account, SASSA gold card, or cash collection point).

The SASSA Grant is paid on a monthly basis. Recipients are not required to withdraw money immediately – it will remain available until they are ready to withdraw it.

It is mandatory for SASSA grant holders to have a mobile phone in order to receive updates regarding their status. 

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3 ways to check your SASSA Grant Balance

A good way of finding out how much grant money you have is to check your SASSA Balance. Checking your SASSA balance can be done in three ways:

Check your SASSA Balance on your cellphone:

  • Dial *120*3210# on your cellphone
  • Follow the instructions carefully
  • Step 2 should be followed if this USSD method does not work.

Check your SASSA Balance on your cellphone:

  • Dial *120*69277#
  • Each step must be followed
  • A notification will be sent to you via SMS after that

Check your SASSA Balance on WhatsApp:

  • The SASSA WhatsApp number is 082 046 8553, which you can add to your phone.
  • SASSA’s WhatsApp number should receive the word “SASSA”
  • The next message should be replied to with the word “Status”
  • If you have a reference number, please reply to the next message
  • In your next message, you must include your mobile number.
  • In response to the last message, please provide your reference number

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How do I check my Sassa balance with Easy Pay?

Your EasyPay balance can be viewed using the following methods

  1. All over the country, Net1 Financial Service has branches
  2. You can access your online banking account by clicking here
  3.  Apps for mobile banking
  4. The process of making a mobile banking transaction can be done by dialing the following number: *120*3737# and following the prompts 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check my SASSA balance without an internet connection?

Using USSD codes or SMS, you can check your balance without being connected to the internet.

How frequently should I check my SASSA balance?

Especially after receiving payments or making transactions, it’s recommended to check your balance regularly.

What should I do if my SASSA balance is incorrect?

Contact the SASSA helpline or visit a local SASSA office if you notice any discrepancies in your SASSA balance.

Is there a fee for checking my SASSA balance?

There are no charges associated with checking your SASSA balance through official methods.

Can I check the balance for multiple SASSA grants using the same method?

It is possible to check balances for different SASSA grants using the same method.


You must keep track of your SASSA balance in order to ensure a stable financial future. Using the methods outlined in this guide, you can check your SASSA balance online, via a mobile device, or in person at an SASSA office.

If you select a method that suits your preferences and needs, you can easily track your funds.

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