SASSA Care Dependency Grant 2024 Details

In South Africa, families with children who are very disabled get money help from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Care Dependency Grant. This money is meant to help the caregivers because taking care of disabled children needs a lot of time and special care. The grant pays for things like doctor visits, therapy, and special equipment, so the caregivers can concentrate on giving love and help. It shows that caregivers are important and helps families have what they need to do well. This also helps make society more caring and fair for everyone.

How To Apply For Care Dependency Grant?

To apply for the SASSA Care Dependency Grant, caregivers must visit their nearest SASSA office and provide the following documents:

  • Identity documents and birth certificates.
  • Affidavits or sworn statements if documents are unavailable.
  • Proof of application for necessary documents.
  • Relevant medical and assessment reports confirming the child’s disability.
  • Proof of marital status and income.
  • Additional documentation depending on the caregiver’s circumstances, such as affidavits proving caregiving status or court orders for foster parents.

Who Qualifies For Caregiver Grant?

To get the SASSA Care Dependency Grant, you have to meet certain rules:

  1. Relationship and Citizenship: You can apply if you’re a parent, main caregiver, or foster parent chosen by the court for a disabled child. You also have to be a citizen of South Africa or have permission to stay there permanently.
  2. Income Limit: If you’re single, your yearly income should not be more than R223,200. If you’re married, it should not be more than R446,400. But this rule doesn’t apply if you’re a foster parent.
  3. Child’s Eligibility: The child you’re caring for should be under 18 years old, not always looked after in a state place, and have a serious disability needing full-time and special care. Also, both you and the child should live in South Africa.

Care Dependency Grant

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How Much Is Sassa Care Dependency Grant?

People who get the Care Dependency Grant get R2,180 every month to help with taking care of a disabled child. SASSA helps give out this money in a few ways:

  • You can get cash at certain places on certain days. To understand the date it is compulsory to perform SASSA Status Check.
  • The money can be put directly into your bank account or Postbank account, but the bank might charge you.
  • Sometimes, organizations that help with grants can give you the money.

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Processing Time and Cost

The processing of Care Dependency Grant applications typically takes up to three months, during which the service is provided free of charge.

Review and Suspension

SASSA checks on people getting grants to make sure they still qualify. They do this every so often. They might check if something changed for the person getting the grant, like if their situation is different. They also look at past checks and see what happened. If the person doesn’t help with the check, they might stop the grant. If someone lies or cheats, they can also stop the grant. Read about Where can SASSA Cards be used?


The SASSA Care Dependency Grant is really important in South Africa. It helps families who take care of kids with serious disabilities. The grant gives money and important things to these families so they can take care of the kids properly. This helps ease the money problems for the people looking after the kids.

SASSA makes sure that applying for the grant is fair and clear, and they check regularly to make sure everything is going well. They want to make sure everyone in South Africa is taken care of properly.

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