Sassa War Veterans grant [Detailed Guide in 2024]

War Veterans grant

An overview of war veteran’s grant. War veterans can apply for a war veteran’s grant if they cannot support themselves after they have served in both World Wars (1939-1945 and 1950-1953).

How do you know if you qualify? Eligibility Criteria For SASSA War Veterans Grant

War Veterans grant

The following must be done:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa
  • Currently living in South Africa
  • Aged 60 or older or disabled
  • Served in the Second World War or the Korean War
  • You will not receive any other social grant  
  • Not being cared for by the state
  • If you’re single, you cannot earn more than R86280, and if you’re married, you can’t earn more than R172 560
  • Singles must not have assets worth more than R 1 227 600, married couples must not have assets worth more than R 2 455 200.

Note: The means test does not take into account the value of the house you or your spouse own.

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What is the Means Test For The SASSA War Veterans Grant?

In order to ensure that only deserving individuals receive grants, the SASSA means test evaluates the applicants’ financial status, including income, assets, and other financial factors. There are two main thresholds in effect as of 1 April 2023:

1. Assets Threshold:

  • Assets owned by a single individual should not exceed R1 372 800.
  • It is recommended that the combined assets of a married couple should not exceed R2 745 600.

2. Income Threshold:

  • A single individual’s annual income should not exceed R96,840.
  • If a married person has a spouse, their combined income cannot exceed R193,680 per year.

In order to determine financial eligibility, each grant type has its own means test criteria.

How much is the SASSA War Veterans Grant?

The war veterans grant for each person is R2 110 per month according to the 1 October 2023 update. It is expected that the grant amount will increase to R10 per person per month starting on 1 April 2024.

How Much Does War Veterans Grant Cost?

War Veterans Grant applications are free of charge, and there is no service fee.

How to Apply for the War Veterans Grant

If you want to apply online, read the instructions on how to apply online through the SASSA services website. You can apply online through your nearest SASSA office branch by filling out their application form.

Those who cannot visit the SASSA office themselves because of old age, sickness, or disability can have a trusted family member or friend apply on their behalf. You should provide a letter explaining your inability to visit SASSA as well as a doctor’s note to the person applying on your behalf.

A SASSA officer must be present when you complete the application form at SASSA offices. The application can be filled out by you, but the officer can assist you if you are unable to do so. If you are eligible for the grant, the officer will also conduct your interview (or conduct the interview on behalf of your appointed representative).

The SASSA officer who assisted you with the application will be listed on the dated stamp receipt you receive once the application and interview have been completed. This receipt is proof of your application, even if you are not qualified.

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How will you be paid?

You will receive your grant from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) in one of the following ways:

  • At a specific pay point on a particular day, cash
  • Deposit by electronic means into your bank or Postbank account (there may be a fee charged by your bank). 
  • The institution administering the grant, for example, a welfare organization.

Note: For those who are not able to collect the money themselves, there is the option of appointing a procurator or giving someone power of attorney to do so.

When may your grant be reviewed?

You may be required to have your grant reviewed by SASSA. During the grant application process, we will determine your income based on what you have declared. The review date or the due date for your life certificate (proof that you are alive) will be notified three months in advance. SASSA requires you to complete a life certificate every year if you receive your money from a bank, institution, or procurator.  

War Veterans Grant Application Documents

War Veterans grant
  1. If you live near a SASSA office, bring the following documents:
    • You’ll need a 13-digit barcoded identity document (ID). If you don’t have an ID:
      • A SASSA-standardized affidavit must be completed in the presence of a non-SASSA official Commissioner of Oaths.
      • An official who can verify your name and age (such as a councilor, traditional leader, social worker, minister of religion, or school principal) must sign a sworn statement.
      • A copy of your application at the Department of Home Affairs must be brought.
      • Obtaining a temporary ID from the Department of Home Affairs (if necessary)
    • Providing proof of your war service, such as a certificate of service.
    • Medical evidence that you are unable to work if you are under 60 years of age.
    • You must provide proof of your marital status. What if:
      • If you are single, an affidavit of singleness
      • The marriage certificate and the identity document of your spouse are proof that you are married
      • The divorce order you received confirms that you are divorced
      • You need your spouse’s death certificate if your spouse has passed away.
      • Your pay stubs, if you are employed or your spouse is.
      • You will need your blue book from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or your previous employer’s discharge certificate if you are unemployed.
      • Three months’ worth of bank statements, if you have one.
      • Investors should keep track of their interest and dividends if they have investments.

Please note: A family member or friend can apply on your behalf if you are unable to travel to the office. Please provide the person with a letter from you and/or a doctor’s note explaining your inability to attend.

  1. In the presence of a SASSA official, complete the application form (note that only you, the applicant, may complete the application form).
  2. A receipt will be issued to you. The application should be kept as proof of application.
  3. SASSA will give you a date and what you need to bring if you want to enroll for cash payments.

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What if your application is not approved?

  1. You will be informed in writing if SASSA does not approve your application.
  2. An appeal can be made to the Minister of Social Development at the department’s national office if you disagree with the decision. After you are notified that your application was unsuccessful, you have 90 days to appeal.

SASSA War Veterans Grant Payment Process

You will begin receiving payments once your War Veterans Grant has been approved. There are no fixed dates for SASSA’s payment schedule, so they release it every month.

You can choose from three different ways to receive your grant payments from SASSA:

  • The money will be deposited directly into your bank account or into your Postbank account. You may have to pay a service fee to the banks.
  • Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Boxer, Checkers, Usave, and Spar are SASSA-partnered retailers where you can withdraw cash for your grant.
  • A specific institution (e.g., an old age home, a disability center, or a nonprofit organization).

The SASSA Grant Bank Payment Consent Form and each of the following documents are required if you wish to receive your grant payments through a bank account:

  • An ID document, birth certificate, or driver’s license can serve as proof of identity.
  • You should have your own bank account number.
  • A bank statement showing your name and account number should be available for 3 months.

The payment method or banking details can be updated at any time. In order to apply, you simply need to fill out a form at the welfare office. After the verification process has been completed, the new payment method will be used to receive payments from the following month.

You can nominate someone to collect payments on your behalf if you are too old to collect grants yourself.

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SASSA War Veterans Grant Balance Check

You can check the remaining balance of your SASSA grant using the SASSA balance check service. Keeping track of your balance can help you manage your finances and use grant money wisely. Once you begin receiving war veterans grant payments, you may need to keep an eye on your balance regularly by using the following methods:

  • You can do this by dialing the USSD code *120*3210# or *120*69277# through your cellphone
  • You can withdraw money from any ATM (normal bank charges may apply)
  • You can reach SASSA via WhatsApp at 082 046 8553
  • ­SASSA’s toll-free number is 0800 601 011

SASSA War Veterans Grant Reviews

If SASSA determines that you have an income that differs from what you reported during the application process, it will review your grant. You are evaluated each year to see if your circumstances have improved and if you still qualify for the grant.

This is also to verify your existence. Every time your circumstances change, you should update your application to make the review process easier.

In advance of the three-month review period or the deadline for submitting your life certificate (proof that you are alive), SASSA will send you a written notice. Detailed information about the review’s date and location will also be included in the written notification.

You must submit your life certificate annually to SASSA if you receive your grant through a bank, institution, or agent. The SASSA will conduct the review at your home if you are bedridden. Your compliance receipt will be provided once your review is complete.

Grant Suspension Reasons

Suspension of the grant may be caused by the following reasons:

  • In the event that your circumstances change.
  • Fraudulent information or fraud was provided by you.
  • During the review of your grant, you failed to cooperate.
  • Review results.
  • An error has been made in the approval of your grant.

Restoration of the Grant

Within 90 days of the suspension, you have the option to appeal SASSA’s decision to the Ministry of Social Development at the National Department of Social Development if you believe your grant was suspended in error.

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Reasons for Lapsing of War Veterans Grant

One or more of the following conditions will result in the lapse of your war veterans grant:

  • In the event of your death.
  • When asked for proof of your existence, you are unable to provide it. It is imperative that you remain alive in order for your grant to be renewed.
  • In the event that you do not receive grant payments for three consecutive months, you can apply for them to start again, but if it is longer than 90 days, you will have to reapply.
  • An institution that is fully funded by the government, such as a hospital or prison, admits you.
  • A period of more than 90 days without any notice has passed since you left the country.
  • You no longer qualify for the grant based on means if your income and/or assets have increased significantly.

Please note: The social grant is reduced to 25% of its maximum amount if you are admitted to an institution with a contract with the state. 

As soon as you have been admitted to that institution, this process will begin. When you are discharged from an institution, the reduced grant is immediately reinstated.

Beneficiaries’ responsibilities

SASSA grant holders are also expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Keep SASSA informed of any changes to your personal and financial circumstances to maintain accuracy.
  • Any changes in your contact information or physical address should be notified to SASSA immediately.
  • SASSA will not tolerate any fraudulent activities, so please always provide accurate information.

SASSA sends notices and updates to the address you provided in your application, so keep SASSA updated in the above scenarios to avoid interruptions or suspensions in your grants.

In the event that your address or contact information has changed and you have not notified SASSA, your grants may be suspended, since SASSA will be unable to reach you.

Contact information

South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)

SASSA Toll free: 0800 60 10 11.

You can find sassa offices here.

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