Lost SASSA Reference Number 2024

Lost SASSA Reference Number

An SASSA Reference Number is used to track your application when appealing a declined grant, reapplying, or changing banking information.

With the help of your phone, we can help you locate a Lost SASSA Reference Number, which you received with a receipt when applying for a SASSA grant application.

Lost SASSA Reference Number

The following steps will guide you through recovering your lost SASSA Reference Number using your mobile phone.

  1. You may dial *120*3210# on your cell phone.
  2. You will see a prompt on the screen of your mobile phone.
  3. Your South African ID number should be entered here.
  4. If you submitted your SASSA application online, please provide the cell phone number you used.
  5. Your SASSA Reference Number will be displayed after you respond to the prompt.

Using this example, we can see how SASSA Recipient Reference Numbers look like: “555 8822 STATUS.”

  • Note: When dialing the SASSA Reference Number Code, please use the same cell phone number that you used when you applied for SASSA funding. SASSA grant applications cannot be submitted using a different phone number.

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