How To Reconfirm Your Existing R350 Grant Application

How To Reconfirm Your Existing R350 Grant Application

COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grants (SRD) R350 grants were disbursed under a new regulation after the President lifted the State of Emergency. In order to continue receiving grants, beneficiaries must update their information every three months.

Social grants are provided by SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) to eligible individuals who need financial assistance in South Africa. Here you’ll learn about How To Reconfirm Your Existing R350 Grant Application

Sassa SRD R350 Grant

How To Reconfirm Your Existing R350 Grant Application

In order to qualify for Sassa SRD, beneficiaries must meet the new criteria of having an income of R350 per month.

The SRD grant will continue to be disbursed as long as Sassa follows a process.

Reconfirm Sassa Grant Status

To ensure that the SRD grant goes to the right person, Sassa must be absolutely certain that it is sent to the right place.

This requires beneficiaries to reconfirm their existing R350 grant applications for Sassa to be able to do so. Your ID number can be used to confirm existing application details with Sassa inquiries.

How to Reconfirm Your SASSA R350 Grant Application

You can confirm your existing R350 grant application by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Visit the SASSA SRD website
  • Step 2: Click the ‘Reconfirm your grant application’ link
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Click here to reconfirm your existing application’ in the yellow bar.
  • Step 4: Provide your South African ID number
  • Step 5: Provide your mobile number
  • Step 6: Select ‘Send SMS’
  • Step 7: An SMS will be sent to you with a One-Time Pin (OTP)
  • Step 8: Provide your PIN
  • Step 9: Select ‘verify PIN’
  • Step 10: Reconfirm your grant application by following all the necessary steps

Do I have to ā€œReconfirmā€ SASSA SRD Grant?

SASSA SRD R350 grant recipients don’t have to reconfirm their grants every three months (it was previously a requirement to reconfirm your SRD grant every three months, but SASSA has since eliminated this requirement), so no action is required!

The R350 grant will automatically be considered every month if you applied for or reapplied for the SRD grant you have to check the status of your grant.

Your grant should automatically be approved every month if you still meet the criteria for the Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant).

In order to qualify for the SRD grant, you must be between 18 and 60 years old, a South African citizen, refugee, asylum seeker, or special permitholder, and a resident of South Africa. The amount of money you receive in your bank account each month must not exceed R624,

Additionally, you must not be employed or receiving any other financial assistance, you must not be receiving any other social grants, you must not receive a stipend from NSFAS, or you must not be eligible for UIF payments or contributing towards them.

Bank Account Details

The SRD R350 grant can be obtained from supermarkets, but there is usually a long line on pay dates. A direct bank deposit of your SRD grant seems like the best method of payment.

Whenever you apply for an SRD grant or recertify your Sassa SRD R350 grant, you must provide Sassa with your correct bank account details.

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How to check that your R350 grant application was reconsidered

Using the online platform, you can confirm your details for the Social Relief of Distress grant.

  1. Visit the SRD website by clicking here
  2. Under the ‘South African ID Holders’ section, proceed
  3. Check the status of your reconsideration by scrolling down
  4. To check the status of your reconsideration, click the yellow bar
  5. Please insert the ID number here 
  6. Please enter your mobile number
  7. Click on the SMS send button
  8. SMS will be sent to you with a One-Time PIN (OTP)
  9. Please insert a pin 
  10. Verify the pin by clicking it
  11. Once the process has been completed, follow any other instructions.

Each time a grant application has been confirmed by Sassa, it must be reconfirmed within three months. Applicants will then be informed that they still qualify for the SRD grant under the new regulations. 

Existing applicants can update their screening questionnaire responses found on the SRD website, at any time, if their circumstances change or if they make errors.

Sassa SRD Grant Banking Details

In case you need to update your Sassa banking information, including your SRD grant, we have all the information you need. Your grant will not be paid if your banking information isn’t correct with Sassa, as it has to be re-approved every month. Grants cannot be paid to someone else’s account unless the account is in your own name.

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