SASSA Status Check Failed – Why?

SASSA Status Check Failed

Knowing the specific reason for a SASSA Status Check Failed is crucial if you encounter one. Our team can guide you through the complete process to fix your SASSA Status Check Failed issue by helping you understand the reasons for the failed status.

To confirm your monthly grant payment dates, you can conduct SASSA Status Check online.

SASSA Status Check Failed

SASSA Status Check failures can be caused by a number of factors. SASSA is suffering from a technical glitch, which is a normal occurrence with online databases, and it will be fixed eventually.

Below you can find a list of the reasons SASSA failed to check the R350 grant’s SRD status.

The information is incorrect or there is a typo

You can fail a status check if your status check details contain incorrect information, such as an incorrect National ID number, incorrect phone number, incorrect grant reference number, or other typos.

SASSA Status Check Service Technical Issues

Occasionally, SASSA Status service problems or technical glitches can prevent the status check from succeeding. Usually, this happens when there is a problem with the SASSA online system or there is maintenance.

The identity verification process failed

According to SASSA, the provided ID details did not match any Department of Home Affairs records. A SASSA office must be visited for verification in such cases.

The application has not yet been processed

The status of your grant application may not be updated immediately if you recently applied for one or made changes. These changes may not appear in the system for some time.

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Social Grant Application SASSA Status Failed

There are a few troubleshooting steps you can take if your status check fails. You will, however, not be eligible for relief funds if your SASSA Status Check declined, which can be appealed. SASSA status failures can be resolved in the following ways.

Check the information twice

You need to ensure that the ID number and grant reference number you entered are correct. Make sure that the information provided is free of typos and errors.

Please try again later

There are times when technical issues or Sassa maintenance cause Sassa to fail. If the status check does not work, wait for a while and try again later. A faster internet connection can also be achieved by switching your browser.

Please wait until the application has been verified

It is possible that the status of your application may not be updated immediately if you recently changed the SASSA phone number for your application. Once your updated application has been processed, you can check again in 30 days.

Make sure the application is complete

The status check fails if the application is incomplete. Make sure your application contains all the required information to avoid this. To ensure a successful SASSA grant and R350 application, update the SASSA application if necessary.

An appeal for a canceled application

For more information about the reasons for a failed status, you can contact SASSA’s helpline. SASSA Grants that have been canceled require immediate action. The DSD can reconsider your cancellation if you feel you were unfairly terminated by the national agency.

Contact SASSA

Alternatively, you may visit your nearest SASSA office for assistance if the problem persists at 0800 60 10 11. In addition to helping you identify the problem, they can provide guidance on how to proceed.

It is important to note that applicants must lodge their appeals with SASSA within 30 days of receiving a rejection letter. SRD R350 grant applications and social grant applications are both subject to this requirement. In your original application, you used a 13-digit South African identification number and a phone number.

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