How To Get Your Sassa One Time Pin (OTP) in 2024


SASSA OTP Code: Are you having trouble accessing your one-time pin? Do you want to know how you can access the one-time pin from anywhere you are?

You can access OTP via a mobile number by following our comprehensive guidebook, which explains all the steps involved.

What is SASSA OTP?


When accessing a particular service, two-factor authentication is used to authenticate the user’s identity. To verify ownership of SASSA accounts, every applicant is provided with a one-time Sassa Pin.

An OTP is sent to the client’s mobile numbers, which they need to resend back to SASSA to confirm their identity and provide a 10-digit mobile number. SMS, phone, or email can be used to obtain these numbers.

SASSA OTP Status Pin Codes explained.

One-time pins are required in order to fill out an application form. There are two buttons on the SASSA application form, one that says “Apply For A Grant” and one that says “Fill The Application Form”.

Using the first button, you are directed to the form that needs to be filled out and sent back to the South African government agency.

When Do You Need OTP Codes?

Our bank account information, residence information, and other personal data can sometimes become outdated or lost. SRD scheme members who wish to switch payment channels or apply for a new scheme will have trouble doing so.

The direct debit system offered by Sas-Serv allows us to update our information easily.

The online banking portal offered by your bank might be familiar to you. Can you tell me if there are any other ways to update your account details?

Their bank details can also be updated whenever necessary. If you need to update your application, SASSA will send you the OTP.

This is to ensure that the account has been requested by the original owner and to prevent cybercrime.

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What is the time frame for SASSA to send OTPs?

The system may seem untrustworthy to one who has received an OTP in response to an SMS unless it is explicitly instructed. However, it is true. It is important to note that a user has no relationship with a particular SMS.

There is one important thing to note here: SASSA will never send you an OTP without your consent. The beneficiaries may receive more than one OTP without any stimulus, however, due to a technical glitch.

Most applicants may be concerned about this; however, they needn’t be. An overactive system or other glitches may result in multiple OTPs being generated without their even requesting them.

Receiving an OTP Via SMS

SASSA uses Single Sign-On (SSO) technology to provide protection to its clients. A message with the username and password will be sent to the mobile phones of SASSA SRD registered users via SMS.

With this feature, users can log into their accounts without having to enter their details every time, making things easier for them.

The inefficiency of SASSA SRD has led to some individuals choosing not to register with the system instead of using these unsolicited OTPs instead.

Unsolicited OTPs are also used by some as an indicator that an unauthorized person is trying to log into their SASSA SRD account via SIM swap or by hacking your SMS service provider (SMSSP) by getting your number.

Due to this suspicious activity, we must react quickly and smartly in order to prevent fraudsters from logging into our accounts.

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What is the best way to access OTP on WhatsApp?

In spite of the importance of access to your OTP, it is much easier to get it from the agency. The following steps will guide you through retrieving your OTP:

  • Please save the SASSA WhatsApp number, 082 046 8553, on your phone.
  •  Next, greet the other side by saying “hi.”
  • Responses to your greeting should be followed by “Help”.
  • Type “4” and send it to SASSA.
  • There are now several options available to you.
  • Please provide the SASSA OTP to the agency.
  • You will be asked for your SASSA reference number.
  • Your reference number should be provided to them. There is a reference number assigned to every client.
  • The prompts will guide you through the process of retrieving your OTP.

A One-Time Password (OTP) has been sent to you for your grant application. For your grant to be secured, you must collect all the necessary documentation and proof.

The SASSA office can be contacted via WhatsApp, email, or website if you are experiencing difficulties accessing the pin. Therefore, the agency that has provided your OTP will be contacted and asked to fix the issue.

It may have been recommended that you paste the OTP of social relief funds onto your personal Facebook page. Many people who are seeking financial assistance from social relief funds believe this to be true.

It is very common for people to share OTPs on public and unknown websites by using the auto-link function or copying them from the URL.

With fake agencies, phone lines, and law firms that specialize in forged certificates, fraudsters can easily forge fake certificates and get their benefits on time.

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Receiving SASSA OTP pin/code fixed

SASSA’s One Time Password is identical to the One Time Password you receive when registering for Facebook.

Similarly, when applying for SRD 350. The OTP code is required to finalize the transaction. That’s all I have to say.


Why was the SASSA OTP code introduced?

SASSA OTP codes can reduce fraud and security risks. As a result, unauthorized access to the payment is reduced because the beneficiary is restricted from accessing the payment.

What happens if a beneficiary does not receive their OTP code?

If the beneficiary does not receive the OTP code, make sure their mobile number or email address is current. They can contact SASSA’s helpline if the information they provide is accurate.

Is the SASSA OTP code mandatory?

It is mandatory for SASSA beneficiaries to have SASSA OTP codes. Payments can only be accessed by beneficiaries who have a code.


The purpose of this guide is to clarify what SASSA OTP is, how it can be applied for, and how it affects your school life. This document is intended to serve as the last piece you need to learn the “essence” of the SASSA OTP.

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