NSFAS Payment Dates 2024 & Schedule

Financial support from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) can be a game-changer for students pursuing their educational dreams. But once your application is successful, the question becomes: when can you expect your NSFAS allowance? This guide will provide a clear picture of NSFAS payment dates and the 2024 disbursement schedule.

Important Update for TVET College Students

There’s great news for TVET college students funded by NSFAS! As of recently, all TVET college beneficiaries can now receive their allowances directly through a bank account of their choice with any bank! This eliminates the need to rely solely on university disbursement channels.

Please note: This change is currently only applicable to TVET college students. University students will continue to receive their allowances through their institutions until the end of July 2024.

2024 NSFAS Payment Dates & Schedule

While specific dates may vary slightly depending on your institution and chosen payment channel, here’s a general breakdown of the 2024 NSFAS payment schedule:

  • First Semester:
    • Cycle 1 (February): Allowances for February, disbursed through universities (if applicable).
    • Cycle 2 (March): Allowances for March, disbursed through universities (if applicable).
    • Cycle 3 (April): Allowances for April onwards, potentially disbursed directly by NSFAS or universities depending on your institution.
    • Cycle 4 (May): Disbursement continues, potentially through direct payment or universities.
    • Cycle 5 (June): Continued disbursement (direct payment or universities).
  • Second Semester:
    • Cycle 6 (July): Allowances for July, disbursement may vary depending on your medical school status (earlier for medical schools).
    • Cycle 7 (August): Allowances for August, disbursed directly or through universities.
    • Cycle 8 (September): Continued disbursement (direct payment or universities).
    • Cycle 9 (October): Allowances for October, disbursed directly or through universities.
    • Cycle 10 (November): Final payment for the 2024 academic year (direct payment or universities).

Important Reminders

  • Always check with your university’s financial aid office or the NSFAS website (https://my.nsfas.org.za/) for the most current and specific payment dates applicable to your institution and payment channel.
  • Ensure your banking details are accurate and captured correctly on the designated platform (myNSFAS or university portal). Incorrect details can delay your payment.
  • NSFAS communicates updates and reminders through their website and social media channels. Stay informed to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Staying informed about NSFAS payment dates and schedules is crucial for managing your finances effectively throughout the academic year. By adhering to the provided schedule, you can ensure timely receipt of financial assistance, allowing you to focus on your studies without undue financial stress.

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