When Will NSFAS Open 2024 Applications?

When Will NSFAS Open 2024 Applications

As the academic year draws to a close, we await the announcement from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme that applications are being accepted. Tuition fees aren’t the only benefit of the NSFAS bursary.

National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) applicants are wondering when they can submit their applications. Here is what we know so far about the NSFAS 2024 applications.

In recent social media posts, NSFAS applications for 2024 have been circulating. It has been made clear, however, that this is just a rumor and that NSFAS applications have not yet opened.

To find out when applications will open for NSFAS in 2024, applicants are encouraged to check the official NSFAS application platforms. Advising students to share their personal details and apply for funding through links on fake websites and social media platforms is not recommended. 

NSFAS Chairperson Ernest Khosa addressed the media on 18 October, saying:

Applicants for the 2024 academic year will soon be able to apply for NSFAS.

NSFAS Eligibility Criteria

When Will NSFAS Open 2024 Applications

It is essential that students meet the bursary admission criteria before applying. The following criteria apply to NSFAS bursaries:

  • A South African citizen.
  • According to the NSFAS means test, financially needy.
  • The ability to succeed in your studies and be academically deserving.
  • Studying at a public university or TVET college is an option if you are applying or have applied.
  • If you wish to study at a TVET college with NSFAS funding, you must have completed grades 09/10/11/12.
  • To receive NSFAS funding for university studies, you must have passed Grade 12.
  • There will be no means test for current SASSA grant recipients.

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How To Submit Your NSFAS Online Application

  1. Sign up for a myNsfas account.
    • Click on ‘login’ when visiting myNsfas to complete your information if you already have a myNsfas account.
    • Click the ‘Create an account’ link if you do not yet have a myNsfas account.
  2. Visit myNsfas and log in.
  3. Select ‘Apply’.
  4. Please answer the questions on the screen.
  5. Please upload the required supporting documents.
  6. Then click the ‘Submit’ button.
  7. An application reference number will then be provided to you.

What The NSFAS Bursary Covers

A bursary covering tuition fees and a number of allowances covering monthly living expenses are awarded to successful NSFAS applicants. Transport, learning devices, textbooks, food, and lodging are all covered by NSFAS allowances.

When Will NSFAS Open 2024 Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NSFAS the only option for financial aid in South Africa?

The NSFAS is one of the most widely accessible bursaries and financial aid programs.

Can I apply for NSFAS if I’m already a registered student?

The NSFAS accepts applications from existing students, but first-year students often receive priority.

What if I miss the NSFAS application deadline?

If you miss the deadline, you have other options for financial aid or you can apply next year.

How do I check the status of my NSFAS application?

By visiting the NSFAS website or by contacting their helpline, you can track the status of your application.

What happens after NSFAS approves my application?

The amount of funding you receive depends on your eligibility for tuition, housing, and allowances.


South Africa’s NSFAS is one of the most important pillars of its higher education system, ensuring that no student is left behind due to financial constraints.

In the meantime, it is essential to prepare your documents so you are ready to apply once the 2024 NSFAS opening date is announced. The key to a brighter future is education, and NSFAS is here to help you open it.

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