Postbank on SASSA gold cards not expiring in December 2023

Postbank on SASSA gold cards not expiring in December 2023

The SASSA gold card will not expire in December and will remain valid until December 2023.

It has been confirmed that SASSA Gold Cards will continue to work normally in December 2023 and beyond for the payment of social grants.

SASSA Gold Cards will continue to provide a safe and secure method of collecting grants for millions of SASSA grant beneficiaries.

By signing up for SASSA Gold Cards, millions of social grant beneficiaries can continue to receive their benefits without switching to another bank’s card.

In rural areas where traditional banking infrastructure is limited, SASSA Gold Cards have made it easier for marginalized groups to access their funds by making social grants easier to access.

Postbank’s commitment to providing disadvantaged people with convenient and affordable service quality is highlighted by its guarantee that SASSA Gold Cards will work beyond December 2023.

The following are the key announcements:

1. Saving Beneficiaries and Convenience Costs: SASSA beneficiaries are assured continuity and do not have to suffer the inconvenience and expense of changing their SASSA Gold Cards to other payment methods that are often expensive as a result of the extension of the validity of the SASSA Gold Cards.

2. Postbank’s Exclusive Mandate: SASSA Gold Card holders are strongly advised to avoid misleading information that might lead them to change to another card product. SASSA Gold Cards can only be replaced by Postbank.

3. Convenient Withdrawals: Cash can be withdrawn from Sassa grants at any ATM in the country, including those at Boxer, Pick n Pay, Usave, Spar, and Shoprite. Beneficiaries no longer have to wait in long lines at Post Offices or cash pay points because of this variety of channels.

4. Retailers and shops cannot force beneficiaries to make a purchase: SASSA beneficiaries are advised not to do business with retailers or shops that force them to buy goods before they receive their SASSA grants. All SASSA grant payments are yours, and you may use the funds however you see fit.

5. Transaction Benefits: The SASSA Gold Card provides a variety of transaction benefits, such as free withdrawals from retail outlets, free 3-month statements, and free balance inquiries. Getting their grant money in full empowers beneficiaries and saves them money on transaction fees.

It is thanks to Postbank that millions of social grant recipients receive their benefits in a convenient and secure manner.

In December 2023 and every month thereafter, beneficiaries using SASSA Gold Cards can rest assured that their grants will be paid into their expired SASSA Gold Cards.

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