SASSA Card Renewal: Complete Guide

SASSA Card Renewal

The SASSA Gold Card is used by 48% of recipients for receiving monthly payments from Cash Pay points, retailers, and SAPO branches. To continue receiving your funds, ensure that your SASSA Card is renewed in a timely manner if it has expired or is nearing its expiration date.

Our team is here to help you with the whole SASSA Card Renewal process. According to Dr Bongani Diaco, who speaks on behalf of Post Bank, even if your SASSA Postbank Gold Card has expired, you will continue to receive grant money until the end of December 2023.

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SASSA Card Renewal

SASSA Card Renewal

There is currently no online platform for SASSA card renewal provided by the South African Post Bank, which issues the SASSA Gold Card. In order to renew your Post Bank card, you will need to visit your nearest branch. We have provided the steps below to guide you through this process.

  1. You can find a South African Post Bank Office branch near you.
  2. Bring a valid form of identification (such as an ID book or smart ID card) along with your SASSA card, even if it is expired.
  3. SASSA card renewal should be notified to Post Bank officials.
  4. You will be guided through the renewal process by them and assisted with the paperwork.
  5. A form will be handed to you, which needs to be filled out.
  6. Your SASSA Card Renewal form must be submitted and a receipt must be received to collect your new SASSA Card.
  7. The post bank branch or Post Office (SAPO) will notify you when your SASSA card is ready for collection.
  8. Now that your new card has been activated, you can make sure to follow the instructions and protect your new card and PIN to keep your account safe.

As a result, your renewed SASSA card now allows you to withdraw grant money from ATMs, make bank deposits, shop in retail stores, or use your local SAPO post office to access your grant money. Change Banking Details SASSA allows you to switch your payment method if necessary.

Please note that the expired SASSA card will remain valid until December 31st. In order to ensure that beneficiaries continue to receive their grants without interruption, this extension was put in place to prevent any delays or problems in the system.

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