What To Do About Your Referred SASSA SRD Status

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) helps people in South Africa by giving out social grants and support to those who qualify. When people apply for SASSA grants like Disability, Care Dependency, Children’s Grant, Old Age Grant, or the Social Relief of Distress R350, they may see different statuses during the application process. 

What Does Referred Mean On Sassa Status?

One of these is called ‘Referred.’ It’s important for applicants to understand what ‘Referred’ means in their SASSA status so they know what to do next.

Potential Causes for Referred Status

Various factors can lead to a referred status on a SASSA application:

  1. Cross-Checking with Databases: When an applicant’s ID number and name correspond with records in databases like NSFAS, SARS, UIF, or other South African government departments, the application may require additional evaluation.

  2. Document Inaccuracies: Errors or omissions, such as missing or incorrect paperwork, can result in a referred status. SASSA may request the applicant to update the application and provide necessary documentation.

  3. Insufficient Contact Information: An application without an email address or phone number can be marked as referred. Providing complete and accurate contact details is essential for proper communication.

  4. Potential Fraud Detection: Signs of fraud, such as a reported lost SASSA card, a registered phone number, or unauthorized access to the grant, may trigger further investigation by SASSA.

  5. Duplicate Applications: Submitting multiple applications for the same or different grants may lead to a referred status. This can cause delays or denials, with further updates provided once the status changes.

Solutions If SASSA Application Is Referred

If your SASSA application is referred, take these steps:

  • Reach Out to SASSA: Get in touch with SASSA to learn more about why your application was referred. You can call their toll-free line at 0800 60 10 11 or use WhatsApp at 0820 468 553.

  • Verify Your Information: Have your ID number, phone number, and Application ID on hand for verification when you speak with SASSA representatives.

  • Update Your Application: Address any missing or incorrect information in your application as advised by SASSA to resolve the referral status.

  • Stay Vigilant: Keep track of your application’s progress and remain attentive to any updates from SASSA to stay informed and take necessary action.

When a SASSA application is marked as “referred,” it doesn’t mean there’s a problem right away. It just means that more review is needed. By taking care of the required steps and staying in touch with SASSA, applicants can work on fixing the referred status and possibly get their application approved.

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