What To Do About Your Referred SASSA SRD Status

What To Do About Your Referred SASSA SRD Status

Do you have a sassa referred status for SASSA’s SRD grant? We will explain how to resolve your “referred” status below, so don’t worry.

It verifies the applicants for SASSA grants to ensure that all recipients deserve them.

A Fraud Risk Scoring process is included in the verification process, which runs the ID number and cellphone number through their system. 

SRD Sassa status will be applied if the system determines that the applicant’s ID number was used in fraudulent activities or linked to high-risk activities.

To prevent SASSA from being a victim of fraud, this system is in place. 

This means that they are registered as fraud perpetrators with SAFPS if the system identifies them as having fraudulent activities.

The applicant should clear the issue with SAFPS immediately if they are not engaging in fraudulent behavior.

If an applicant receives a “referred” status, they are encouraged to email [email protected] to show proof that the problem has been resolved.

COVID-19 SRD Grant : referred status @The_DSD @nda_rsa @PostofficeSa #SASSACARES pic.twitter.com/8tOgMcwP0g

— SASSA (@OfficialSASSA) November

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